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Europe Cities

There are some who dream with Paris, some who love Venice, or fall in love with Lisbon, or get emotional in Prague, or count the days to arrive in Moscow, or prefer to go to Rome, or... whatever. All this cities and many more are here. Please click the image above to enter (portuguese text).


Brazilian Cities (English)

A huge country, the fifth largest in the world. Wonderful beaches, warm climate, nice people, samba, football... You probably heard all this before, right? And even thought it's all true, we encourage you to stop thinking about Brazil as just that. More than ever the eyes of the world are turning to Brazil now that is has become a major player in our planet new economic order. Add also religion and sexual freedom of choice, racial harmony, no wars or street riots and there you are. If you haven't been here before this is the right time. At this website you will find basic touristic information about some places and cities in Brazil. New places and more detailed information will be included on a regular basis. We would love to welcome you here, and invite you to take a tour at this green & yellow hearted country, clicking the image above. Welcome!.

Castles and Palaces

They make us dream of ancient times, of take us to a time of knights and princesses. Everything we know about them comes from what we read, hear or imagine. Tales told by our parents, or stories seen in the big screen. So many stories... But how can we tell which are true, and which are legends or just myths? The fact is they continue to defy time and our imagination. Bodiam, Arundel, Conwy, Warwick, Pena, Schonbrun, Neuschwanstein, Chantilly, Azay le Rideau, Chambord e many others. Start your journey back in time clicking the image above (portuguese text).

London Tips

From all the places we have been, London is surely one of most visited and loved. More then ten times we have been there, among scenic double deck red buses and delicious scones with clotted cream. Here you will find some links and information for first time visitors. Please click the image above to enter (portuguese text)






Check Rio's page at:

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil main touritic destination, a place where something nice is always happening. Pack your things, get ready and fly down to Rio right now to enjoy the vacations of a lifetime. And now, with the Olympic Summer games about to start, this is the rjght place to be! Click the imagem above to read more about Rio's main touristic attractions.

Check Gramado's page at:

Have you heard about Gramado? It is a lovely small town, located in southern Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul state, nested in the mountains. Click the imagem above to check it.


Video: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Landing at Rio SDU airport



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Cities from the Americas

Here you will find tips and touristic information about some cities from the Americas, mostly USA, Canada and South America. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Seattle, Orlando, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Bariloche, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and more. Please click the image above to enter (portuguese text).

USA States

We have been to forty one states on our trips to America. Along this journeys, many of them coast to coast, we had the chance to visit rodeos, state fairs, parks, beaches, swamps, falls, deserts, forests, caves, small towns, huge cities, schools, police stations, casinos, space centers, lighthouses, towers, Indian reservations, monuments and even a city called Brazil. Here you will find our small tribute to this beautiful America we met. Click the image above to enter (portuguese text).

Special Places

Special Places is how we call them. Some others may prefer to call them Incredible Places or even Unforgettable Places. Actually, is doesn't make any difference how you call them, the important thing is their meaning. Those are places that make us endure long journeys, long distance flights or long time planning and waiting to get there. But once you arrive you get absolutely astonished, impressed with their beauty, the landscape or the scenery. And, from that very day one, you already know you will never forget it. Places like Monument Valley (USA) or Mont Saint Michel (France). Click the image above to enter (portuguese text).

HD photos

On our trips we made thousands of photos. Many of them were included on Viagens & Imagens website, but the majority of them was left aside. Now some of this "forgotten" pictures are available in high resolution at Flickr. They are everyday ordinary pictures of people, streets, moments, flowers, cars, whatever, but if you put them all together they tell a story about a place. Click the image above to enter.



Viagens e Imagens website has more than 70 videos on YouTube, and this number is always growing bigger. They are videos made on many trips and locations. Click the image above to check them.